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Javna is jointly built around the ambition to develop a global company in the region with a steadfast belief in innovation.

Javna was launched in 2001 as a wireless software solutions and mobile media services company to serve the Middle East region, then started another office in Qatar in 2006 and is now serving a global market.

Javna became the 1st endeavor member in Jordan and the 2nd in the Middle East; Endeavor is a leading high-impact entrepreneurship network in growth markets around the world.

In just a few short years since its inception in 2001, Javna has become the leading Arab firm in wireless software solutions and applications and the first company in the region to develop its own proprietary technology for the mobile market.

The Javna team has decades of experience in the telecommunications and media industry, building technology solutions and executive management.

Javna’s products and services include Messaging Products, Mobile Application Products and Professional Services. Javna provides products, solutions and services to enable both carriers and enterprises (including government institutes) unleash the power of wireless technologies across networks, platforms and mobile devices.

The company offers carrier and enterprise class solutions and enables wireless data software to carriers and enterprises. Javna products provide a complete framework and end-to-end solution for intelligent and interactive mobile messaging communications.

Javna, through its RedRabbit brand, provides a global cloudbased messaging gateway service introduced regionally and globally utilizing Javna’s technology, the operator’s connectivity, network coverage, market expertise and relationships with carriers, providers, OTT players and advertisers. RedRabbit became the Middle East cloud communications platform for building messaging applications on an API built for global scale.

Javna has matured its vision to position itself as the regional leader in mobile advertising as a step towards global leadership.

The company has launched one of the potentially largest mobile advertising networks in the region, Mobiad. A unique permission incentive based mobile advertising network connecting consumers and brands through an intelligent and targeted delivery of advertising to mobile; including a first of its kind free raffle – scratch and win.

It is a comprehensive technology platform and mobile advertising service that enables the intelligent and targeted delivery of marketing and advertising to the consumers’ mobile handsets in the Middle East markets. It enables advertisers to deliver personalized messages across a full spectrum of handsets in a variety of ad formats in a very innovative, fun and rewarding way. Javna also enables operators to strengthen and monetize their relationships with subscribers. Javna launched Maraya in 2011, a venture that is a cloud based social brand exchange that enables intelligent social publishing, monitoring, predicting, measuring and reporting of marketing campaigns centrally on multiple social networks for free.

In 2016, Javna launched Groolchat which is a unique mobile social networking application for impromptu and spontaneous moments sharing with friends. It allows users to share their moments through searching inside videos by use of search keywords or phrases of interest that are uttered inside videos to obtain those video shots that personify the moment; or via a phone’s camera by taking a picture / video and adding text, drawings and fun stickers to then send them to friends; enabling friends to experience these moments live. You can even share a multi-shot moment using a photo burst-mode feature. Your friend’s phone will ring and the moment will be immediately and repeatedly played, then it will vanish. An ‘Empathy’ button allows your friend to show emotions towards your moment. Afterwards, the moment will be removed from the recipient’s device and from the Groolchat server.

Users can also choose to share their current location, as part of the shared moment to enable your friend to see how far away you are. It does it by calling the friend… not by messaging and then vanishing.

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