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FeeBack is a marketing tool that helps businesses operating in the hospitality industry to “Request Customers” to visit their shops and provide constructive feedback on the quality of service, in return for a full/partial refund to the customers.

It is a tool to increase sales performance and to sustainably improve the customer’s shopping experience. FeeBack appeals to the true value for business of keeping and acquiring customers. The business benefits include increasing physical store traffic and receiving feedback directly from their customers.

Arabia Weddings

Arabia Weddings is the leading digital platform for the weddings industry in the MENA region. It helps connect the weddings industry, including wedding venues, with prospective brides and grooms-to-be.

For brides and grooms, Arabia Weddings simplifies the process of receiving offers from wedding vendors; provides them with lots of inspiration; a comprehensive online directory of wedding venues, suppliers and service providers in 16 Arab countries; and with wedding planning tools such as the checklist.


arabot is an AI startup focusing on automating and improving the quality of Customer Experience (CX) by creating innovative Arabic Natural Language Understanding (NLU) solutions.

arabot delivers a 24/7, always-on, one-to-one, personalized customer experience, improving engagement while tremendously reducing company operational costs.

It can be easily deployed and integrated with your company’s different online channels and enterprise platforms. is an artificial intelligence company specialized in building virtual agents and chatbots that can interact in a human-like manner with customers.

Labiba offers the powers of artificial intelligence and natural language processing in an easy to use visual builder, along with the tools and integrations around it to provide smart bots that can answer queries and perform actions. This state-of-the-art chatbot platform allows you to build smart interfaces for a smart future.


Kinz is the ultimate business tool empowering businesses to increase sales, eliminating waste and improving bottom line results. Established in 2009, Kinz combines an easy to use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application, built-in perpetual management reports, along with Jordan’s most accurate, complete and constantly updated corporate database which covers hundreds of thousands of entities and decision makers.

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