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Sawwah is an online marketplace and booking platform which connects travelers with local touristic service providers.

Sawwah connects local and international travelers with tours, trips, activities and local experiences available from different providers .

It is a bilingual online platform (English/Arabic) for travelers to easily explore, search, book and pay online for local tours or activities. Moreover, Sawwah allows users to rate and write their reviews about the trips, which gives it more credibility and reliability.

SanadyMe is a big data company that collects real world data and analyzes it to create research that helps the pharmaceutical industry in identifying patients’ preferences and perceptions, using disease-specific tools and the patients’ support group platform.


360Moms is an online parenting platform that provides original, localized and trusted content in both Arabic and English languages.

It is the only platform in the region that delivers original content, developed in collaboration with specialized experts to cover all topics related to parenthood.

360Moms also delivers offline activities, which include interactive workshops and the Rewards Card program. The program ‘Mama’s Rewards’ specifically targets mothers by providing discounts, free items or special offers from over 100 brands.


GSR is an Arabic word meaning "Bridge". GSRApp is a B2B marketing tool , which helps distribution companies to communicate with the retail market directly through one mobile application to create a bridge with current customers, by one click with low cost.

GSRApp is a marketing solution for companies, through a digital platform, that helps them to connect their own customer; with the possibility to divide the lists by region, delegate or sales volume.


ViaVii is a central hub for genuine local experiences and unique activities. Based on your profile, ViaVii designs tailored itineraries for you to travel like a local.

When you purchase on the ViaVii platform, you give back to local communities.

Through its technology, ViaVii is developing a conversational engine, where AI meets sentiment analysis and personalIzation to help each customer through the entire customer journey.


Since establishment in 2000, JorMall has been connecting Jordanian companies to their customers and target audiences. Today, JorMall’s services and solutions are serving over 3,500 of Jordan’s top organizations.


DV8 is a new-age digital media marketing agency that provides comprehensive digital marketing solutions. DV8 specializes in designing and developing digital marketing strategies that encompass the personalized needs of a brand.

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