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On the 20th Anniversary of [email protected]

On this auspicious occasion, the Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan – [email protected] is celebrating 20 years of a successful, prosperous and achievements-filled journey. It is a time when an organization is still young and energetic, yet it starts to fully reap the fruit of its accumulated experience, wisdom and reputation.

[email protected] rose from very humble beginnings, founded in 2000 based on the 1st Royal Initiative, “REACH”, to fulfil the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II to develop the ICT sector towards positioning Jordan as a major ICT hub in the region.

I take this opportunity to congratulate our member companies, board members, management and staff for this momentous celebration and to thank the previous board members and management who have played key roles in the past 20 years; committing financial resources and going through extremely difficult times to ensure the success of this association.
Over the years, we have seen how Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has transformed our lives, and has had deep social and economic impact. It has revolutionized communication, it has redefined entertainment, has enabled transparency in governance, has changed healthcare and a lot more.

Today, we live in an area full of challenges and unknowns. Nevertheless, smart and digital solutions work in harmony with human capital to turn these challenges into opportunities. This is the core work of [email protected], together with several stakeholders and partners, to help the sector grow exponentially.

As we celebrate what [email protected] has achieved in the past, we want to assure you that we are now braving ourselves for what we need to do to truly provide our members with a platform of products and services that support their continuous growth, expansion, and prosperity towards a mature sector that substantially contributes to the national economy and provides quality jobs for Jordanians.



About the ICT Association of Jordan - [email protected]

The Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan ([email protected]), founded in 2000, is a membership based ICT and IT Enabled Services (ITES) industry advocacy, support and networking association.

[email protected] serves as the collective voice of the industry, advocating on behalf of its stakeholders and seeks to maximize the contribution of the ICT sector towards the national economy. [email protected] aim to provide the ICT sector in Jordan with the tools required to ensure continued growth and expansion.

Providing the highest value to ICT Sector, [email protected] works in the following areas:
• Business Enabling Environment: Working with policy decision makers and various stakeholders to improve and reform the ICT ecosystem.
• Digital Economy & ICT Demand: Leveraging the culture of the digital economy as an engine of growth in Jordan.
• Human Capital: Improving the skills of professionals working in the ICT sector and bridging the gap between academia outcome and the industry.
• Access to Markets: Increasing Jordan’s ICT products and services penetration in Local, Regional and International markets.
• Access to Finance: Advocating and working with financial institutions to develop financial products tailored to ICT companies.
• Entrepreneurship & Start-ups: Enabling entrepreneurship and innovation as well as empowering the startup and SMEs to grow their contribution to the economy.



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