Specialized IT Solutions


VARARI creates innovative services and enables businesses to scale through developing solutions, partnerships, monetization and distribution. The company’s aims to create a hub that builds and implements innovative B2B and B2C solutions and technologies, connecting markets and adding values to communities and stakeholders.

VARARI specializes in helping you, whether a startup or an established business, to develop your services and penetrate new markets and ultimately grow your customers.

Quality Partners

Quality Partners™ is an award-winning company, specialized in ICT quality management and testing.

The company’s mission is to help its clients build software products and services better and faster, by adopting the latest and best practice methodologies and frameworks; so they can have a competitive advantage in the local and global markets.

Precise Thinking (Tfkeir)

Precise Thinking (Tfkeir) is a pioneering company in the Cyber Security and Forensics training and consulting fields. The company was established in 2011, restructured in 2015 and it is has been an Int@j member since 2017.

Tfkeir has a long experience in information security services such as penetration testing, forensics investigations and ISO certification as well as training needs assessment, content (courseware) development and customization and training/learning solutions.

Information & Graphics Systems Consultants L.L.C.

Information & Graphics Systems Consultants (InfoGraph), is the leading Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing software supplier in Jordan, in addition to other related software products.

It is the sole authorized distributor of Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI); Redlands, USA. ESRI is the world leading GIS software company and its flagship software product family, ArcGIS, is the most commonly used, not only in Jordan, but also worldwide.