Software Solutions

Salasil Solutions LLC

Salasil Solutions LLC is a Jordanian development house specialized in providing tools and solutions for corporate, educational and training sectors.

The purpose of Salasil is to provide you with all the tools you would need to generate, explain and share digital content as videos and other formats.

The video authoring tool is “Salasil Desktop".


ESKADENIA® Software is active in the design, development and deployment of a range of software products in the Telecommunications Insurance Enterprise Education Healthcare Security Analytics and Internet application areas.

ESKADENIA aims to empower customers & businesses with innovative effective and world-class IT products solutions and applications.

Integrated Technology Group (ITG)

Integrated Technology Group (ITG) is a dynamic, innovative, and technology driven group of companies.

Established in 1989, ITG operates through three subsidiaries; ITG Solutions, JAID Productions and ITG Fund.

About 7% of ITG’s revenue is invested in research and development. ITG realizes the importance of investing in R&D to maintain a technological lead and continuously develop innovative solutions to meet its customers' needs and requirements.


SOURCEitHR, headquartered in Amman, Jordan, is a subsidiary of MenaITech, the MENA region’s leading provider of Human Capital Information Systems since 2003, which operates in 25 countries and serves over 1,700 clients across a diverse range of sectors.

SOURCEitHR provides a comprehensive suite of human capital management solutions that cover outsourcing, organization and management consulting, in addition to tools which include assessments and surveys.

Sky Software

Sky Software was founded in 1997. It was built on the well-established knowledge and experience of software engineers, with a mission to deliver specialized high quality business solutions for the hospitality sector in the Middle East. Since that time, Sky Software has been able to provide the international hospitality market with innovative total software solutions covering vital areas of the modern hospitality industry.


ShamiSoft specializes in providing sophisticated solutions that assist enterprises in amplifying and organizing the daily tasks for all sectors in the region, taking into consideration the needs of clients, to provide solutions fulfilling client requirements with comprehensive reports that can be built by the user to respond to the most detailed inquires.

ProgressSoft Corporation

ProgressSoft has grown exponentially, both internally and externally since its inception in 1989. With offices spanning several countries across the globe, ProgressSoft serves a diversified clientele in banking, financial, IT, communication and commercial sectors by fully utilizing its proactive teams, regional knowledge and long-standing global trend awareness.


Founded in 2003, Middle East & North Africa Internet Technologies (MenaITech) is the brainchild of a group of talented and experienced professionals in the HR and IT fields, who saw an urgent need for a specialized entity in the development and provisioning of Human Capital Information Systems (HCIS) to both public and private organizations. With such a foundation, MenaITech was able to address the growing need for a high-performance, yet fairly priced and seamless Human Capital Information System (HCIS).


Operating with more than 300 talented engineers and over 25 years of experience, Estarta helps the world’s leading companies and organizations to better manage their businesses through a wide range of services including Specialized Outsourcing, Professional and Advanced Services, Innovative Turnkey Products and Technical Training.