Telephoenic LLC is an information technology company which started its operation back in 2011.

Telephoenic’s mission is to digitally transform your business sales channel through creating a dynamic partners management eco system that leverages partners performance, resulting in increased sales and reduced expenses. The company’s vision is that ‘Digital is the new level of innovation’.

Telephoenic was engineered as an extension of the mobile operator’s strategy, to evolve and shift from conventional business to the new business era.

Telephoenic helps operators completely transform their go-to market model, by automating their existing sales channel, achieving the best commission ROI and building state-of-the-art sales IT solutions.

Telephoenic is a fast growing company. Its talented staff has achieved tremendous growth over the past five years.

Telephoenic has four major departments; Research and Development, Service Delivery and Operations, Sales and Marketing, and Human Resources. All these departments are integrated to provide the best for clients.

The current products are PRM (Partner Relationship Management) SIM Registration and Activation, Social CRM, Commission Automation and EVD Market Place. Telephoenic works with tier one clients in the region.

Since its launch, Telephoenic built its solutions with strategic perspective. The solutions are designed based on four strategic pillars; Channel Transformation, creating new revenue streams, Operational excellence and People development.

Telephoenic started its operations in Amman, Jordan, in 2011 with only four resources and one product; “Market Place for Distributers / Virtual Dealer”.

In 2013, Telephoenic launched “SIM registration and Activation System”, “Social CRM” and multiplied the
number of resources to become eight resources working on Development and Quality Assurance.

Now in 2016, Telephoenic has 25+ employees, 5 main products and 3 main clients in MEA region (STC Saudi Arabia, Jawwal Palestine, and Umniah Jordan).