Mozaic Innovative Solutions

Mozaic Innovative Solutions creates products and services just like the art of Mozaic, with an assemblage of small pieces of colorful solutions and innovative ideas.

Mozaic Innovative Solutions was established in 2015 by a smart, innovative and hardworking team who have the vision to merge technology with daily lifestyle to improve users' experience.

Mozaic's vision is to make it easier for businesses to serve their customers smartly, by humanizing the technology usage.

With its headquarters in Amman and with regional market focus, Mozaic Innovative Solutions focuses on introducing new smart solutions for different business sectors including Mobile Operators, 360 Loyalty and Media and TV stations.

Mozaic VAS is a suite of innovative solutions that helps the mobile operators to boost their VAS revenues and introduce new services to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer acquisition and retention are the top challenges for any retail business, Mozaic 360 loyalty addresses these challenges and provides innovative solutions. It is the first 360 customer loyalty and engagement program that provides "On-Mobile digital marketing and customer engagement experience".

As interacting between TV shows and the audience has emerged in the last couple of years, Mozaic provides its solutions to facilitate this interaction using smart devices.

Mozaic solutions offer the ability to create interactive channels between businesses and customers, by breaking the traditional one-way communication channels.