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Telephoenic LLC is an information technology company which started its operation back in 2011.

Telephoenic’s mission is to digitally transform your business sales channel through creating a dynamic partners management eco system that leverages partners performance, resulting in increased sales and reduced expenses. The company’s vision is that ‘Digital is the new level of innovation’.

Telephoenic was engineered as an extension of the mobile operator’s strategy, to evolve and shift from conventional business to the new business era.

Mozaic Innovative Solutions

Mozaic Innovative Solutions creates products and services just like the art of Mozaic, with an assemblage of small pieces of colorful solutions and innovative ideas.

Mozaic Innovative Solutions was established in 2015 by a smart, innovative and hardworking team who have the vision to merge technology with daily lifestyle to improve users' experience.

Mozaic's vision is to make it easier for businesses to serve their customers smartly, by humanizing the technology usage.


Rubikomm is a telecom solutions provider with its core mandate in Platforms, Content Services and Mobile Applications.

The company was established in 2010 by a group of professionals, who hold senior positions in the telecom domain, and currently has 20 employees.

Since its establishment, Rubikomm’s vision was always to work with customers as partners, and to become their first choice when looking for innovation. The company always strives to help them operate more efficiently, grow healthier, and serve their communities more effectively.

Telecom Enterprise

Telecom Enterprise develops and markets several innovations in the field of Telecommunication, being the first company in developing the most efficient USSD/SMS applications gives Telecom Enterprise the opportunity to expand its capability and to prove its credibility amongst mobile operators in the region.

The Telecom Enterprise product development strategy aims to provide clients with creative products such as managed USSD services, location based services and last, but not least mobile advertising solutions.

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