Mobile Telephone Services

FRiENDi Mobile

FRiENDi Mobile is Jordan’s first and only MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) with the number range of 075 as a virtual operator.

FRiENDi Mobile is part of the Virgin Mobile Middle East & Africa (VMMEA) group of companies, working under the umbrella of Virgin Group which includes well known companies such as Virgin Records, Virgin Megastore, Virgin Airlines and the upcoming Virgin Galactic to soon start sending tourists to space.

Zain Jordan

In 1995, Zain Jordan revolutionized telecommunications in Jordan by introducing GSM mobile services into
the country.

Zain quickly became the foremost telecom company in Jordan, a position that it kept to this day through a far sighted policy of investment in adopting cutting edge technology to provide state-of-the-art services to customers.


Umniah stands out in one of the region’s most competitive markets as the fastest growing and most trusted telecommunications provider. Since its launch in June 2005, Umniah has achieved a strong presence in the Jordanian telecom market by offering high-quality mobile, internet, and business solutions while keeping abreast of the latest industry trends and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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